Deutsche Reichsbahn - 1920: Deutsche Reichseisenbahnen

1920: Deutsche Reichseisenbahnen

The Deutsche Reichseisenbahnen ("German Reich (Imperial) Railways") were established on 1 April 1920 as a union of the existing state railway companies (Länderbahnen) of Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Württemberg, Baden, Mecklenburg and Oldenburg. The union of the state railway companies became necessary due to the new constitution of the Weimar Republic of 1 August 1919, which placed responsibility for railways with the national government; like the prewar German Empire, it was known as the German Reich. The state railways that merged were the:

  • Prussian state railways, including the former Grand Duchy of Hesse State Railways
  • Royal Bavarian State Railways, including the former Palatinate Railway
  • Royal Saxon State Railways
  • Royal Württemberg State Railways
  • Grand Duchy of Baden State Railways
  • Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railways
  • Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Friedrich-Franz Railway

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