Depth Charge

A depth charge is an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) weapon intended to destroy or cripple a target submarine by the shock of exploding near it. Most use conventional explosives and a fuze set to go off at a preselected depth in the ocean. Depth charges can be dropped by surface ships, patrol aircraft, or helicopters. The depth charge has now largely been replaced by anti-submarine homing torpedoes.

A depth charge fitted with a nuclear warhead is known as a nuclear depth bomb. These were designed to be dropped from a patrol plane or deployed by anti-submarine missile from a surface ship, or another submarine, located a safe distance away. All nuclear anti-submarine weapons were withdrawn from service by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China in or around 1990. They were replaced by conventional weapons that provided ever-increasing accuracy and range as ASW technology improved.

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Depth Charge - Underwater Explosions
... The high explosive in a depth charge undergoes a rapid chemical reaction at an approximate rate of 8,000 meters per second (25,000 ft/s) ... A depth charge gas bubble expands to reach the pressure of the surrounding water ... Consequently, explosions where the depth charge is detonated at a shallow depth and the gas bubble vents into the atmosphere very soon after the ...
SM U-31 (Austria-Hungary) - Service Career
... An escorting destroyer dropped a pattern of ten depth charges over U-31 ... When raised from her resting depth of 8 metres (26 ft) the next day, one crewman was found alive inside the boat ... The next day, 19 June, Rigele had to take the boat to a depth of 40 metres (130 ft) to avoid a depth charge attack ...
BRP Miguel Malvar (PS-19) - Technical Details - Armaments
... purpose gun, two single Bofors 40 mm guns, four Oerlikon 20 mm cannons, one Hedgehog depth charge projector, four depth charge projectiles (K-guns) and two depth charge tracks ...
HMS Punjabi (F21)
... m) torpedo tubes (Mk.IX torpedoes), 1 × depth charge rack, 2 × depth charge throwers War modifications 6 × 4.7 in (120 mm) L/45 QF Mk.XII guns (3x2), 2 × QF 4 in (100 mm ...
CJ-1 ASW Weapon
... When the payload is a depth charge instead of a torpedo, the weapon is referred as (long range) ASW rocket ... The depth charge that is much smaller in size and weight would also enable the maximum range of the missile to be extended by 60% to 80 km ... km, depending on payload Speed ≈ Mach 2.5 Payload a single depth charge or a light torpedo up to 400 mm diameter Cruising altitude ballistic trajectory Propulsion solid rocket Guidance inertial during ...

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