Depletion may refer to:

  • Depletion (accounting), an accounting concept
  • Depletion region, a concept of semiconductor physics
  • Depletion width, a concept of semiconductor physics
  • Grain boundary depletion, a mechanism of corrosion
  • Oil depletion, the declining of oil supply
  • Overdrafting, extracting groundwater beyond the equilibrium yield of an aquifer
  • Ozone depletion, a decline in the total amount of ozone in Earth's stratosphere]]
  • Resource depletion, the exhaustion of raw materials within a region

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Roy Baumeister - Topics of Research - Self Regulation
... He coined the term Ego depletion to describe the evidence that humans' ability to self-regulate is limited, and after using it there is less ability (or ... Ego depletion has a general effect, such that exerting self-control in one area will use up energy for further regulation in other areas of life ... has led to the development of the Strength Model of self-control, which likens this ego depletion to the tiredness that comes from physically exerting a muscle ...
Depletion Gilding - Applications
... Depletion gilding is a decorative process, with no significant industrial applications ... However, depletion gilding was widely used in antiquity ... Some form of depletion gilding has been used by nearly every culture that developed metalworking ...
Southeast Asian Coral Reefs - Depletion
... For 50 percent of Southeast Asia’s coral reefs, they are at high or very high levels of threat ... Only 12 percent of the reefs are at low risk ...
Equivalent Effective Stratospheric Chlorine
... troposphere (lower atmosphere) and their efficiency in contributing to stratospheric ozone depletion (ozone depletion potential, ODP), and by making assumptions on transport times into ... parameter is used to quantify man-made ozone depletion and its changes with time ...