Defensive Positions

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Battle Of Fort Eben-Emael - Background
... Countries and either bypass or neutralize a number of defensive positions, primarily in Belgium and the Netherlands ... Some of these defensive positions were only lightly defended and intended more as delaying positions than true defensive lines designed to stop an enemy attack ... The Belgian defences consisted of one delaying position running along the Albert Canal, and then a main defensive line running along the River Dyle, which protected the ...
Battle Of Doiran (1917) - Defensive Positions
... In 1917 the Bulgarian defensive positions and fortifications were further improved ... It included two main positions with two rows of continuous trenches 1,5 - 2 metres deep, 200 to 1000 m apart and linked with passages for communication ... In front of these positions there was a two line system of wire entanglements ...
Battle Of Kham Duc - Battle - Kham Duc Surrounded
... Vietnamese 21st Regiment, later reinforced by the VC 1st Regiment, were in position to attack the U.S.-led Detachment A-105 ... however, Company A of 1-46th Inf provide the needed reinforcement, until the 2-1st Inf was in position ... Nelson — also touched down on the battlefield, and they immediately set up defensive positions in support of Detachment A-105 ...
29th Infantry Division (United States) - History - World War II - Breakout
... German reserves formed a new defensive front outside the town, and American forces fought a fierce battle with them two miles outside of the town ... face stiff German resistance as it advanced to key positions southeast of Saint-Lô ... a short rest, the division returned to XIX Corps and moved to defensive positions along the Teveren-Geilenkirchen line in Germany and maintained those positions through October ...
Battle Of Kapyong - Battle - South Korean Collapse, 22–23 April 1951
... The South Koreans were holding positions at the northern end of the Kapyong Valley, having advanced 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) since relieving the 27th Brigade. 19th and the 2nd Infantry Regiments—to tie-in and develop defensive positions ... Meanwhile, the 7th Infantry Regiment occupied reserve positions immediately behind the forward regiments ...

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    Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    What is clear is that Christianity directed increased attention to childhood. For the first time in history it seemed important to decide what the moral status of children was. In the midst of this sometimes excessive concern, a new sympathy for children was promoted. Sometimes this meant criticizing adults. . . . So far as parents were put on the defensive in this way, the beginning of the Christian era marks a revolution in the child’s status.
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)