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... Most members of this genus have suffered serious declines, in which the disease chytridiomycosis appears to have played a significant role T ... refugial areas but has suffered massive declines over its entire former range ... However, it has since suffered a dramatic decline in numbers and its status is considered critical (Ingram and McDonald 1993)The catastrophic amphibian declines which have occurred in the Wet Tropics has ...
Common Starling - Relationship With Humans - Status and Conservation
... intensive agriculture, and in several countries, it has been red-listed due to declines of more than 50% ... The overall decline has been attributed to a loss of food-rich permanent pasture, leading to the low survival rates of young birds ... Major declines have also been observed from 1980 onward in Sweden, Finland, northern Russia (Karelia), and the Baltic States, and smaller declines in much of the rest of northern and ...
Cortez Gold Mine - Mining Operations - Underground
... m) wide by 18 feet (5.5 m) high, 10,000 feet (3,050 m) declines ... Crosscuts connect the declines every 500 feet (150 m), the ramps are driven at a grade of 6% for their entirety ... The declines are used to haul ore from the stopes to surface and to provide ventilation for the mining operation ...
Decline In Amphibian Populations
... Declines in amphibian populations, including population crashes and mass localized extinctions, have been noted since the 1980s from locations all over the world ... These declines are perceived as one of the most critical threats to global biodiversity, and several causes are believed to be involved, including ... However, many of the causes of amphibian declines are still poorly understood, and the topic is currently a subject of much ongoing research ...
Ashy Darter - Distribution
... As declines reshaped distributions, only five river systems contained remaining populations ... Specific declines have been observed in the Little River of Blount County, TN, where populations once flourished, but have significantly diminished over the past 30 years ... Declines and extirpations of E ...

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    I think it is a wise course for laborers to unite to defend their interests.... I think the employer who declines to deal with organized labor and to recognize it as a proper element in the settlement of wage controversies is behind the times.... Of course, when organized labor permits itself to sympathize with violent methods or undue duress, it is not entitled to our sympathy.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    There is no road to wealth so easy and respectable as that of matrimony; that is, of course, provided that the aspirant declines the slow course of honest work.
    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)