Debatable Lands

The Debatable Lands, also known as Debatable ground, batable ground or thriep lands, was land lying between Scotland and England, formerly in question to which it belonged, when they were distinct kingdoms. It signifies the same thing as litigious or disputable ground.

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Scots' Dike - Debatable Lands - Borderline
... Wardens of the marches who usually held the land in their own right and met at designated sites, such as the Lochmaben Stone to discuss and settle disputes ... The Debatable Land arose because the Graemes, Armstrongs, Elliots and Bells were too powerful, and the Wardens largely left them alone ... so the district became a sort of no-mans land, where neither country could or would enforce their jurisdiction ...
Debatable Lands - History
... The Debatable Lands extended from the Solway Firth near Carlisle to Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway, the largest population centre being Canonbie ... The lands included the baronies of Kirkandrews, Bryntallone and Morton ... raids on farms and settlements outside the Debatable Lands, the profits enabling them to become major landowners ...

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