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Time Lord - Physical Characteristics - Regeneration
... It was first stated in The Deadly Assassin that a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before dying (thirteen incarnations in all) ... Also in The Deadly Assassin, several Time Lords including the President are stated to have been "murdered" and are not stated to have regenerated ... In "The Deadly Assassin" at least one of the murders was carried out with a 'staser', possibly a weapon designed to both kill and prevent regeneration (sta ...
Kasterborous - Geography
... The Eye provides the power required for time travel (The Three Doctors, 1973 The Deadly Assassin, 1976), and all Time Lord TARDIS time machines draw their power from it (the 1996 television movie) ... of all Time Lord knowledge as well as containing the memories of dead Time Lords (The Deadly Assassin) ... The Deadly Assassin mentions the existence of a section of the Citadel's population called the Shobogans and references the "plebeian classes" ...
Alias (season 1) - Episode List
... to a nuclear weapon, which makes her travel to Cairo and face a deadly foe in order to fix things ... In Madrid, Sydney meets up with her deadly nemesis, K-Directorate agent Anna Espinosa, and a fight ensues to retrieve the sketch ... information from Shepard, a man who has been unconsciously programmed to be a deadly assassin ...
List Of Nash Bridges Episodes - Season 4
... of a bail bondsman, who bails out small time thugs and uses them as assassins ... and Joe are on the trail of a renowned assassin who has come to San Francisco to kill FBI special agent David Katz ... affair 9 ... "Firestorm" November 20, 1998 (1998-11-20) 409 Nash pursues a deadly arsonist who torches a church and the only witness is Angel ...
List Of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Episodes - Season 1 (1979–1980)
... create an antidote but the plan is thwarted when the laboratory is sabotaged and an assassin takes aim at Dr ... After capturing Raphael Argus, a notorious assassin, Buck learns that the killer is to attend a meeting with a group of terrorists known as the "Legion of Death" on the planet Aldebaran II ... named Corliss who has stolen a stockpile of deadly nerve gas from the 20th-Century and plans to attack Earth with it ...

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