David Scott

David Scott

David Randolph Scott (born June 6, 1932) is an engineer; an American test pilot; a retired U.S. Air Force officer; and a former NASA astronaut, who was one of the third group of astronauts, selected by NASA in October 1963. As an astronaut, Scott became the seventh person to walk on the Moon.

Before becoming an astronaut, Scott graduated from the West Point Military Academy and joined the United States Air Force. Scott retired from the Air Force in 1975 with the rank of Colonel, and more than 5600 hours of logged flying time.

As an astronaut, Scott made his first flight into space as pilot of the Gemini 8 mission, along with Neil Armstrong, in March 1966, spending just under eleven hours in Low Earth orbit. Scott then spent ten days in orbit as Command Module Pilot aboard Apollo 9, his second spaceflight, along with Commander James McDivitt and Lunar Module Pilot Rusty Schweickart. During this mission, Scott became the last American to fly solo in Earth orbit (not counting subsequent untethered EVAs). Scott made his third and final flight into space as commander of the Apollo 15 mission, the fourth human lunar landing, becoming the seventh person to walk on the Moon and the first person to drive on the Moon.

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