Data Products

Some articles on data products, data:

Canada 2006 Census - Data Products - Income/earnings, Shelter Costs
... The eighth release of 2006 Census data was on May 1, 2008, covering income and earnings, and shelter costs ...
Ocean Surface Topography Mission - Joint Effort
... distribute and archive the research-quality data products that will become available in 2009 ... EUMETSAT will process and distribute operational data received by its ground station to users in Europe and will archive the data ... NOAA will process and distribute operational data received by its ground stations to non-European users and archive that data along with the CNES data products ...
Kepler (spacecraft) - Kepler Spacecraft - Spacecraft Operations - Data Management
... Science data telemetry collected during mission operations at LASP is sent on for processing at the Kepler Data Management Center (DMC), located at the Space Telescope ... The science data telemetry is decoded and processed into uncalibrated FITS-format science data products by the DMC, which are then passed along to the Science Operations Center (SOC) at NASA Ames ... (ARC) develops and operates the tools needed to process scientific data for use by the Kepler Science Office (SO) ...

Famous quotes containing the words products and/or data:

    Isn’t it odd that networks accept billions of dollars from advertisers to teach people to use products and then proclaim that children aren’t learning about violence from their steady diet of it on television!
    Toni Liebman (20th century)

    To write it, it took three months; to conceive it three minutes; to collect the data in it—all my life.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)