Dark Samus

This is a list of notable fictional characters in Metroid, a series of video games developed by Nintendo.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Synopsis - Plot
... Metroid Prime Hunters Echoes Corruption Return of Samus Super Metroid Other M Fusion Metroid Prime 3 Corruption begins with a meeting between Samus, three other bounty hunters, and Admiral Dane, leader of ... The bounty hunters, including Samus, receive orders to clear a computer virus from several supercomputers, called Aurora Units, located throughout the galaxy ... Samus and the other bounty hunters are deployed to the planet Norion, where the Space Pirates are concentrating an attack on a Federation naval base ...
Dark Samus - Antagonists - MB
... body, so as to have her bond in a more organic way with the Metroids, mimicking Samus' mother-son-like relationship with the "baby" ... Melissa was confronted by both Samus and Madeline after her Queen Metroid had been killed ...
Metroid Series - Games
... timeline 1986 Metroid 1991 Metroid II Return of Samus 1994 Super Metroid 2002 Metroid Fusion Metroid Prime 2004 Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Prime 2 ... Metroid Samus travels through the caverns of the planet Zebes to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting the Metroid species for galactic domination ... Metroid II Return of Samus The Galactic Federation deems the Metroid species too dangerous to exist, and after their own failed attempts, employs Samus to travel to ...

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