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List Of Kamen Rider Kiva Characters - 1986 Side - Kivat-bat The 2nd
... As the King's partner, he infuses him with the power of Kiva. 2nd controls a lot more Demonic Power that enables Dark Kiva to fight at his utmost limit ... with his partner's methods, Kivat-bat the 2nd offers Otoya his power to become Dark Kiva ...
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva
... Dark Kiva only appears to have one form, similar to that of Kiva Emperor Form in black and red ... However, Dark Kiva does not require the use of a being such as Tatsulot to achieve this form, and has no chains on his body as Kiva needs to control his power ... As Dark Kiva, the user has access to an unlimited potential of power that is hindered within its successor such as telekinesis and the use of the Kiva insignia as a weapon ...
List Of Kamen Rider Decade Episodes - Episodes - The Dark Riders of Nega World
20 "The Dark Riders Of Nega World" "Nega Sekai no Yami Raidā" (ネガ世界の闇ライダー) Toshiki Inoue June 7, 2009 With their tour of the nine Kamen Rider Worlds complete ... into Otoya who mentions a treasure before transforming into Dark Kiva and challenging him, along with the other members of the TG Club who become Ryuga, Dark Kabuto, and Orga ... With Diend arriving to back him up for this treasure, Decade battles Dark Kiva ...
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva - 2008
... downward spiral, forces Taiga to knock out Maya to take the power of Dark Kiva as his own and reclaim his birthright ... He would use the Dark Kiva power to settle things with Wataru once and for all, but in the end, he relents and uses the power to fight the revived Bat Fangire ... The Dark Kiva powers would stay with Taiga after the final battle was over ...

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