Crusaders F.C.

Crusaders F.C.

Crusaders Football Club is a Northern Irish semi-professional football club, playing in the IFA Premiership. The club, founded in 1898, hails from Belfast and plays its home matches at Seaview. Club colours are red and black. The current manager is Stephen Baxter, appointed in 2005 following the departure of Alan Dornan. Crusaders played intermediate football until 1949, and during that time they were one of the top non-league teams in the country. The dramatic withdrawal of Belfast Celtic from the senior ranks in 1949 resulted in Crusaders being elected in their place in time for the start of the 1949/50 season.

The club's fierce rivals are Cliftonville. Matches between the two clubs are known as the North Belfast derby.

In 2009, club members voted to became a company limited by guarantee.

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