Crossover Cable

A crossover cable connects two devices of the same type, for example DTE-DTE or DCE-DCE, usually connected asymmetrically (DTE-DCE), by a modified cable called a crosslink. Such distinction of devices was introduced by IBM.

The crossing wires in a cable or in a connector adaptor allows:

  • connecting two devices directly, output of one to input of the other,
  • letting two terminal (DTE) devices communicate without an interconnecting hub knot, i.e. PCs,
  • linking two or more hubs, switches or routers (DCE) together, possibly to work as one wider device.

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... Some connection standards use different balanced pairs to transmit data, so crossover cables for them have different configurations to swap the transmit and receive pairs Twisted pair Token ring uses ... A T1 cable uses T568B pairs 1 and 2, so to connect two T1 CSU/DSU devices back-to-back requires a crossover cable that swaps these pairs ... Two pairs crossed, two pairs uncrossed T1 crossover Pin Connection 1 T568A Connection 2 T568B Pins on plug face pair color pair color 2 ... white/orange stripe 1 blue solid 2 2 ...
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