Crosslinking of DNA

Crosslinks in DNA occur when various exogenous or endogenous agents react with two different positions in the DNA. This can either occur in the same strand (intrastrand crosslink) or in the opposite strands of the DNA (interstrand crosslink). Crosslinks also occur between DNA and protein. DNA replication is blocked by crosslinks, which causes replication arrest and cell death if the crosslink is not repaired.

The RAD51 family plays a role in repair.

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Crosslinking Of DNA - Crosslinking Agents - Endogenous
... It induces formation of interstrand DNA crosslinks at the aminogroup of exocyclic N2 of guanine at CG sequences ... The crosslinking reaction by Psoralens targets TA sequences intercalating in DNA and linking one base of the DNA with the one below it ... in tobacco smoke or automotive exhaust can form DNA interstrand crosslinks in DNA ...

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