Criteria Air Contaminants

Criteria air contaminants (CAC), or criteria pollutants, are a set of air pollutants that cause smog, acid rain, and other health hazards. CACs are typically emitted from many sources in industry, mining, transportation, electricity generation and agriculture. In most cases they are the products of the combustion of fossil fuels or industrial processes.

The history of each criteria air pollutant is listed below:

Pollutant Action Date Added
Ozone Ozone included as an "oxidant" standard 1971
Ozone Further analysis made revisions to standards necessary 1979 and 1997
Particulate Matter listed in Criteria document issued by the EPA 1996
Particulate Matter Second External Review Draft of the Air Quality Criteria for PM 2001
Particulate Matter Third External Review Draft 2002
Particulate Matter Fourth and Final External Review 1996
Lead listed as a criteria air pollutant that required NAAQS regulation mid-1970s
Lead the EPA published a document which detailed the Air Quality Criteria for lead 1977
Lead Addendum to the document published 1986
Carbon Monoxide The EPA set the first NAAQS for carbon monoxide 1971
Sulfur Oxides EPA first set primary and secondary standards 1971
Nitrogen Oxides The EPA first set primary and secondary standards for the oxides of nitrogen 1971

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