Criminal Record

A criminal record or police record is a record of a person's criminal history, generally used by potential employers, lenders etc. to assess his or her trustworthiness. The information included in a criminal record varies between countries and even between jurisdictions within a country. In most cases it lists all non-expunged criminal offenses and may also include traffic offenses such as speeding and drunk-driving. In some countries the record is limited to actual convictions (where the individual has pleaded guilty or been declared guilty by a qualified court) while in others it also includes arrests, charges dismissed, charges pending and even charges of which the individual has been acquitted. The latter policy is often argued to be a human rights violation since it works contrary to the presumption of innocence by exposing people to discrimination on the basis of unproven allegations.

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... Close to the opposite of a criminal record is a Declaration about Behaviour (Dutch Verklaring omtrent het Gedrag) ... This declaration will be given if the person has no criminal record has data in the criminal record which is irrelevant for the person who requested it ... Not in all cases, because for a police officer you may not have any data in the record ...
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... In the United States, criminal records may be expunged, though laws vary by state ... In general, once sealed or expunged, all records of an arrest and/or subsequent court case are removed from the public record, and the individual may legally deny or fail to acknowledge ever having ...
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