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Emperor Gaozu Of Tang - Personal Information
... Father Li Bing (李昺) (d ... honored as Empress Taimushunsheng, mother of Crown Princes Jiancheng and Shimin, Li Xuanba, Prince Yuanji and Princess Pingyang ... Major Concubines Consort Wan, mother of Li Zhiyun Consort Yin, mother of Prince Yuanheng Consort Mo, mother of Prince Yuanjing Consort Sun, mother of Prince Yuanchang Consort Yuwen, mother of Princes ...
Emperor Jingzong Of Tang - Personal Information
... Guo, mother of Prince Pu Children Li Pu (李普) (b. 824), the Prince of Jin (created 825, d. 828), posthumously honored Crown Prince Daohuai Li Xiufu (李休復), the Prince of Liang (created 837) Li Zhizhong (李執中), the Prince of Xiang (created 837) Li Yanyang ...

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    “Women’s fashion” is a euphemism for fashion created by men for women.
    Andrea Dworkin (b. 1946)