Cranial may refer to:

  • an adjective related to the cranium
  • Anatomical terms of location
  • Cranial cavity
  • Cranial Osteopathy

Other articles related to "cranial":

Corticopontine Fibers - Clinical Significance
... The corticopontine fibers to cranial nerves V and XII descend to bilateral nuclei ... Injury to these fibers result in tongue weakness (cranial nerve XII) and jaw weakness (cranial nerve V) but not full paralysis ... The corticopontine fibers to cranial nerve VII descend to innervate bilateral sub-nuclei that supply the forehead but only contralateral to the sub-nuclei that supply the lower face ...
Cranial Nerve Examination
... The cranial nerve exam is part of the neurological examination ... It is used to identify problems with the cranial nerves by physical examination ...
Cranial Nerve Ganglia
... In neuroanatomy, the cranial nerve ganglia are parasympathetic ganglia of the cranial nerves ...
Lestodon - Evolutionary Adaptations - Cranial
... L ... Armatus had a large, blunt, and square mandible well adapted for foliage consumption ...