Craghoppers - Clothing


They have designed and promote the following Technologies

  • NosiLife - Clothing with a non-toxic permanent insect repellent finish which has been tested to still retain over 98% of its initial effectiveness after 100 washes.
  • Nosi (Previously Nosquito) - clothing with insect repellent finish which lasts for 39 washes.
  • Breathable fabrics.
  • Stretch fabric.
  • SolarDry fabrics which give UV protection, it is currently rated as having a 40+ UPF (Ultraviolet protection factor) index and blocks 97.5+% of UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) .
  • Wash & wear fabrics - used for travel clothing where clothes dry overnight and needs no or minimal ironing.
  • AquaDry & AquaDry Stretch - Clothing which incorporates waterproof and breathable fabrics, also available in stretch fabrics.
  • Lightweight clothing.

Craghoppers are one of a number of companies that meet Gore-Tex standards and are autorised to use and sell with Gore-Tex waterproof technologies. Many items of Craghoppers clothing have a hidden zippable security pocket.

Popular ranges include their fleeces, micro-fleeces, Kiwi shirts, Kiwi shorts and t-shirts (some of which use fairtrade cotton). Their Nosi range which include Nosi & NosiLife clothing products are popular among travellers entering countries which have cases of Maleria or just high mosquito levels.

They also produce luggage, soft shell jackets, down jackets and accessories such as caps and scarves. Their Kiwi walking trousers are extremely popular with ramblers.

Craghoppers produce a range of clothing which contains the name of TV adventurer Bear Grylls who uses these clothes in his extreme survival shows Man vs Wild & Worst Case Scenario.

Now owned by the Black family, who also own Regatta & Dare 2b.

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