A corpse, also called a cadaver in medical literary and legal usage or when intended for dissection, is a dead human body.

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Lucilia Cuprina - Forensic Importance
... It is known to be one of the first flies to occupy a corpse upon its death ... Once it lands on a corpse, it continues in the formation of its next generation by laying its eggs ... may form a postmortem interval by the life stage found on the corpse ...
Corpse - Embalming
... When a corpse is buried, the body will decompose by the actions of anaerobic bacteria ... In many countries, corpses buried in coffins are embalmed ... An embalmer may prepare the corpse for a lifelike appearance ...
Dead House
... used for the temporary storage of a human corpse before burial or transportation, usually located within or near a cemetery ... groups, such as the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) The "Corpse House" still exists in the Moravian Settlement of Lititz, Pennsylvania those in Nazareth, Bethlehem and Winston-Salem, North Carolina ... Other corpse houses exist in Moravian Congregations in Europe, in Herrnhut, Koenigsfeld, Neuwied, Zeist, Kleinwelka and Niesky ...
The Imposter (short Story) - Plot Summary
... Beano pulls up in a cab and excitedly tells them he has found his perfect specimen, the corpse of a sailor, which he has brought with him, wrapped in brown paper ... A woman trying to get into the cab sees the corpse and screams, causing policemen to come over ... knocks one of the policemen into the gutter and is taken away with the corpse, with the narrator and their friends in tow ...
Corpse Road - Corpse Paths Worldwide
... AD500-1200 and had been constructed as Corpse paths, along which bodies were carried to burial ... A straight Viking cult or Corpse road at Rosaring, Uppland, Sweden, was unearthed by archaeologists ...

Famous quotes containing the word corpse:

    Last night I fled until I came
    To streets where leaking casements dripped
    Stale lamplight from the corpse of flame;
    A nervous window bled.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    It is the corpse of the bourgeoisie that separates us. With us, it is that class that is the carrier of the chromosome of banality.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)

    Flashed from his matted head and marble feet,
    He grappled at the net
    With the coiled, hurdling muscles of his thighs:
    The corpse was bloodless, a botch of reds and whites,
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)