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Brekkie - Oceania - Australia
... household refrigerators, the traditional Australian breakfast consisted of grilled steaks and fried eggs, mainly because of the ready availability of beefsteak during that period ... While very few Australians today would recall this breakfast format, the steak-and-eggs breakfast has survived as the customary pre-landing breakfast of ... milk or yogurt and/or toast with preserves such as marmalade or vegemite for breakfast ...
Bai Cha - Common Varieties
... difference compared to fried rice is it is cooked with sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) ... It is a common, everyday breakfast dish ... It is often associated with breakfast meals as the rice used for making sinangag is normally leftover rice (recycled from the previous evening), with the texture of the rice having set to ...
Singaporean Cuisine - Common Main Dishes and Snacks - Chinese
... rice cake topped with preserved radish usually eaten for breakfast Claypot chicken rice (simplified Chinese 砂煲鸡饭 traditional Chinese 砂煲雞飯 pinyin shā bāo jī fàn ...

Famous quotes containing the words breakfast and/or cooked:

    Ever since I was a kid my folks fed me bigotry for breakfast and ignorance for supper. Never, not once did they ever make me feel proud of where I was born. That’s it. That was a cancer they put in me. No knowledge of my country. No pride. Just a hymn of hate.
    Samuel Fuller (b. 1911)

    I’m the only woman reporter they have, so I get all the meat boycott stories and all the meatless food stories.... Actually, I’ve only cooked three meals in my life. The most uncomfortable place for me in the whole world is in a kitchen.
    Theresa Brown (b. 1957)