Continuum Mechanics

Continuum mechanics is a branch of mechanics that deals with the analysis of the kinematics and the mechanical behavior of materials modeled as a continuous mass rather than as discrete particles. The French mathematician Augustin Louis Cauchy was the first to formulate such models in the 19th century, but research in the area continues today.

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Stress (mechanics) - Theoretical Background
... Continuum mechanics deals with deformable bodies, as opposed to rigid bodies ... The stresses considered in continuum mechanics are only those produced during the application of external forces and the consequent deformation of the body in other words, relative changes in ... which normally apply to a massive particle but extend in continuum mechanics to a body of continuously distributed mass ...
Fluid Mechanics - Relationship To Continuum Mechanics
... Fluid mechanics is a subdiscipline of continuum mechanics, as illustrated in the following table ... Continuum mechanics Solid mechanics Elasticity Plasticity Rheology Fluid mechanics Non-Newtonian fluids do not undergo strain rates proportional to the applied shear stress ...
Two-point Tensor - Continuum Mechanics
... In contrast, a two-point tensor, G will be written as and will transform a vector, U, in E system to a vector, v, in the e system as. ...
Deformation (mechanics)
... Deformation in continuum mechanics is the transformation of a body from a reference configuration to a current configuration ... contrary to macroscopic intuition, the continuum mechanics definition of deformation includes rigid body motions ( footnote 4, p ... In this case, the continuum completely recovers its original configuration ...
Continuum Mechanics - Applications
... Mechanics Solid mechanics Fluid mechanics Engineering Mechanical engineering Chemical engineering Civil engineering Aerospace engineering ...

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    It is only the impossible that is possible for God. He has given over the possible to the mechanics of matter and the autonomy of his creatures.
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