Constantius may refer to:

  • Constantius I, Roman emperor 305–306
  • Constantius II, Roman emperor 337–361
  • Constantius III, Roman co-emperor in 421
  • Constantius (consul 327), consul in 327
  • Constantius Gallus (c.325–354), member of the Constantinian dynasty and Caesar of the Roman Empire (351–354); consul from 352 to 354
  • Saint Constantius of Perugia (died c. 170), one of the patron saints of Perugia, Italy
  • Saint Constantius of Aquino (6th century), bishop of Aquino
  • Saint Constantius of Capri, bishop of Capri
  • Saint Constantius (Theban Legion)
  • Saints Simplicius, Constantius and Victorinus
  • Constantius of Lyon, 5th century priest
  • Constantius Africanus, (c. 1020–1085), eleventh-century translator of Greek and Islamic medical texts

Other articles related to "constantius":

Constantius (Theban Legion)
... Saint Constantius (Italian San Costanzo) is venerated as a member of the legendary Theban Legion ... Ivrea, Saint Magnus at Castelmagno, and Saint Dalmatius at Borgo San Dalmazzo, the cult of Saint Constantius was linked with that of the Theban Legion to lend antiquity to a local saint about whom nothing was really ... According to tradition, Constantius survived the decimation of his Legion and fled to the Val Maira, today in the province of Cuneo, with some other survivors ...
Barbatio - Treason and Death
... his possible intention of marrying the Empress Eusebia in the event of Constantius' death ... Arbitio at once brought the matter to the attention of Constantius ... There is no evidence at all that Barbatio actually planned to murder Constantius ...
Simplicius, Constantius And Victorinus
... Simplicius, Constantius and Victorinus (Victorian(us)) (Italian Simplicio, Costanzo e Vittoriano) are venerated as Christian martyrs of the 2nd century ... to tradition, a Christian of the Abruzzi region who was executed along with his two sons, Constantius and Victorian, during the reign of Marcus Aurelius ... monastery, while Simplicius and his two sons Constantius and Victorinus preached on behalf of their new religion ...
... It is dedicated to "Constantius", who is supposed by Fabricius to be the same Constantius who married Placidia (i.e ... Constantius III), the daughter of Theodosius the Great, and who reigned for seven months in conjunction with the Emperor Honorius ...