Conflict Thesis

The conflict thesis is the proposition that there is an intrinsic intellectual conflict between religion and science and that the relationship between religion and science inevitably leads to public hostility. The thesis, refined beyond its most simplistic original forms, remains generally popular. However, historians of science no longer support it.

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... and Andrew Dickson White, authors of the conflict thesis, have argued that when a religion offers a complete set of answers to the problems of purpose, morality, origins, or ... During the 19th century the conflict thesis developed ... The historical conflict thesis was a popular historiographical approach in the history of science during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but its original form is almost entirely ...
Andrew D White - Legacy - Conflict Thesis
... in Christendom (1896), whose primary contention was the conflict thesis ... less popular than John William Draper's History of the Conflict between Religion and Science (1874), White's book became an extremely influential text on the relationship between ... Paul" White's conflict thesis has, however, been discredited by contemporary historians of science ...
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... Science historian Ronald Numbers suggests the conflict theory lingers in a popular belief, inclusive of scientists and clerics alike, that history reflects an ... propose that mass media is partly responsible for popularizing conflict theory, most notably the Flat-earth myth that prior to Columbus people believed the Earth was flat ... gives the following as mistakes arising from conflict theory that have gained widespread currency "the Church prohibited autopsies and dissections during the Middle Ages", "the rise of Christianity killed off ...
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    The average Ph.D. thesis is nothing but a transference of bones from one graveyard to another.
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    This conflict between the powers of love and chastity ... it ended apparently in the triumph of chastity. Love was suppressed, held in darkness and chains, by fear, conventionality, aversion, or a tremulous yearning to be pure.... But this triumph of chastity was only an apparent, a pyrrhic victory. It would break through the ban of chastity, it would emerge—if in a form so altered as to be unrecognizable.
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