• (noun): Someone who makes candies and other sweets.
    Synonyms: candymaker

Some articles on confectioner:

Sturges V Bridgman - Facts
... A doctor moved next door to a confectioner, who had produced sweets for sale in his kitchen for many years ... However, the loud noises from the confectioner's industrial mortars and pestles could be clearly heard, disrupting his use and enjoyment of his land ... as follows, “ The Defendant in this case is the occupier, for the purpose of his business as a confectioner, of a house in Wigmore Street ...
Irish Potato Candy
... generally made from some blend of coconut, confectioner's sugar, vanilla, and cream or cream cheese) and are rolled in cinnamon on the outside, making them look ... The potato is mashed, without any added liquid, and confectioner's sugar is added gradually ... are added while the mixture is still somewhat soft to make blending easier and additional confectioner's sugar is added until a consistency is reached that will allow rolling into bite-sized ...
Jean-Paul Hévin - Career
1974 Hevin earned a vocational certificate as a confectioner/chocolatier and ice cream maker ... The next year he began working as an apprentice confectioner at the Intercontinental Hotel. 1976 Hevin moved to the Nikko hotel as an apprentice confectioner, then as pastry chef until 1988 ...