Computational Complexity

Computational Complexity may refer to:

  • Computational complexity theory
  • Computational Complexity (journal)
  • Computational complexity of mathematical operations

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List Of Computer Scientists - S
... computing, pervasive computing Walter Savitch – discovery of complexity class NL, Savitch's theorem, natural language processing, mathematical linguistics Alexander ... Shaw – computational finance, computational biochemistry, parallel architectures Cliff Shaw – systems programmer, artificial intelligence Scott Shenker ... WebKit Richard Stallman (born 1953) – GNU Project Ronald Stamper Richard Stearns – computational complexity theory Guy L ...
Scott Aaronson - Popular Work
... He is a founder of the Complexity Zoo wiki, which catalogs all classes of computational complexity ... disparate topics into a cohesive whole, including quantum mechanics, complexity, free will, time travel, the anthropic principle and many others ... Many of these interdisciplinary applications of computational complexity were later fleshed out in his article "Why Philosophers Should Care About Computational Complexity" ...
Permanent Is Sharp-P-complete - Significance
... One reason for interest in the computational complexity of the permanent is that it provides an example of a problem where constructing a single ... As Papadimitriou writes in his book Computational Complexity “ The most impressive and interesting #P-complete problems are those for which the corresponding ... The computational complexity of the permanent also has some significance in other aspects of complexity theory it is not known whether NC equals P (informally, whether every polynomially-solvable ...
List Of Jewish American Computer Scientists
... Paul Baran, packet switching Dan Bernstein, cryptologist (unconfirmed) Manuel Blum, computational complexity, Turing Award (1995) Dan Bricklin, creator of the original spreadsheet Sergey Brin, co-founder ... Hofstadter, academic author (half Jewish) Bob Kahn, TCP/IP Richard Karp, computational complexity, Turing Award (1985) John Kemeny, BASIC Leonard Kleinrock, packet switching Joseph Kruskal, Kruskal's algorithm Solomon ...

Famous quotes containing the word complexity:

    In times like ours, where the growing complexity of life leaves us barely the time to read the newspapers, where the map of Europe has endured profound rearrangements and is perhaps on the brink of enduring yet others, where so many threatening and new problems appear everywhere, you will admit it may be demanded of a writer that he be more than a fine wit who makes us forget in idle and byzantine discussions on the merits of pure form ...
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)