Company Town

A company town is a town or city in which much or all real estate, buildings (both residential and commercial), utilities, hospitals, small businesses such as grocery stores and gas stations, and other necessities or luxuries of life within its borders are owned by a single company. Marktown, Clayton Mark's planned worker community in Northwest Indiana is an example of a company town. The term is used in the US and UK to refer to a town or city where loyalty to the company that is perceived to be responsible for its success is expected and that company is, or was, a major employer in the area.

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Pullman Company - Company Town
... The company built a company town, Pullman, Illinois on 4,000 acres (16 kmĀ²), 14 mi (23 km) south of Chicago in 1880 ... The town, entirely company-owned, provided housing, markets, a library, churches and entertainment for the 6,000 company employees and an equal number of dependents ... Alcohol was prohibited in the town, as George Pullman found it a distasteful habit for his workers though it was available in the company's Hotel Florence, primarily for the benefit of the hotel ...
Algoma, Oregon - Company Town
... It was established in 1912 to support the employees of the Algoma Lumber Company ... The Algoma Lumber Company logged all around Upper Klamath Lake ... The company used a diesel-powered tugboat to tow log rafts to the mill site ...
Ruth, Nevada - History
... Ruth began as a settlement for workers of the White Pine Copper Company in 1903 ... Ruth was a company town for the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company the houses belonged to the mine and the city and were administered by them ... Saloons and bordellos were not permitted in the company town but were plentiful in the neighboring community of Riepetown ...
Jerome, Arizona - History - Early 20th Century
... many independent businesses, did not meet the definition of a company town even though it depended for decades largely on this one company ... In 1914, a separate company, the United Verde Extension Mining Company (UVX), led by James S ... Meanwhile United Verde was building a large smelter complex and company town, Clarkdale, and a standard gauge railway to haul ore from its mine to the new smelter ...
The Decline of American Company Towns
... By the 1920s the need for company towns had declined significantly due to increased national affluence ... freedom that came with private transport and the mass communication of radio saw the isolation of company towns lessen and the social basis of the company town ... As access to surrounding municipalities increased, residents of company towns gained access to an increasing amount of government-funded public ...

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    Close to the academy in this town they have erected a sort of gallows for the pupils to practice on. I thought that they might as well hang at once all who need to go through such exercises in so new a country, where there is nothing to hinder their living an outdoor life. Better omit Blair, and take the air.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    We’re too unseparate. And going home
    From company means coming to our senses.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)