Combustion - Chemical Equation

Chemical Equation

Generally, the chemical equation for stoichiometric burning of hydrocarbon in oxygen is

For example, the burning of propane is

Generally, the chemical equation for stoichiometric incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon in oxygen is as follows:

For example, the incomplete combustion of propane is:

The simple word equation for the combustion of a hydrocarbon in oxygen is:

If the combustion takes place using air as the oxygen source, the nitrogen can be added to the equation,as and although it does not react, to show the composition of the flue gas:

For example, the burning of propane is:

The simple word equation for this type of combustion is hydrocarbon in air:

Nitrogen may also oxidize when there is an excess of oxygen. The reaction is thermodynamically favored only at high temperatures. Diesel engines are run with an excess of oxygen to combust small particles that tend to form with only a stoichiometric amount of oxygen, necessarily producing nitrogen oxide emissions. Both the United States and European Union have limits to nitrogen oxide emissions, which necessitate the use of a special catalytic converter or treatment of the exhaust with urea (see Diesel exhaust fluid).

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