Coleraine Cheddar

Coleraine Cheddar is a cheese made in Northern Ireland and Canada, and was distributed by Castlewood Farm Products Ltd until it ceased trading recently. The product range continues to be distributed under the name of Dairy Produce Packers Ltd of Coleraine, part of the Kerry Group, but the cheeses are actually made in a factory in Portadown.The Coleraine factory makes only processed cheese slices for the supermarket/fast food industries. The Portadown company makes Coleraine Cheddar, Coleraine Mature White Cheddar, Coleraine Medium Cheddar, Coleraine Mild White Cheddar and Royal Canadian Mature Cheddar.

It is never shaved, only grated. Coleraine Cheese is soon to release its own parmasan range in little tubs for easy distribution.