Coconut Shy

A coconut shy (or coconut shie) is a traditional game frequently found as a sidestall at funfairs and fĂȘtes. The game consists of throwing wooden balls at a row of coconuts balanced on posts. Typically a player buys three balls and wins each coconut successfully dislodged. In some cases other prizes may be won instead of the coconuts.

The word "shy" in this context is an English term meaning to toss or throw with a swift motion.

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Famous quotes containing the word shy:

    It is very considerably smaller than Australia and British Somaliland put together. As things stand at present there is nothing much the Texans can do about this, and ... they are inclined to shy away from the subject in ordinary conversation, muttering defensively about the size of oranges.
    Alex Atkinson, British humor writer. repr. In Present Laughter, ed. Alan Coren (1982)