Coconut Brandy

Coconut brandy is a clear distilled spirit produced from coconut and matured in Halmilla wood casks. The world's first coconut brandy was produced by Mendis.

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List Of Puddings
... Bebinca Portugal, India Made with coconut milk ... abbreviated "CBP." Christmas pudding United Kingdom Made with brandy, treacle and dried fruit ... The dried fruit and peel are soaked in brandy, and later the whole pudding is before being set on fire at table ...
Coconut Brandy - Production
... Coconut brandy is produced from the sap ("toddy") of the coconut flower that is extracted by a specialized process called Tapping Paring ... The toddy is sourced from the coconut palm in Sri Lanka, where the coconut palm is Tapped and Pared for a total of 8 months, beginning in the first week of April and ending the second week of ... with Hamilla wood casks are used to age coconut brandy in ...

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    Like an old brandy after a long rain,
    Distinguished, and familiar, and aloof.
    James Vincent Cunningham (1911–1985)