Cloud Base

The cloud base (or the base of the cloud) is the lowest altitude of the visible portion of the cloud. It is traditionally expressed either in m or feet above mean sea level (or planetary surface), or as the corresponding pressure level in hectopascal (hPa, equivalent to millibar).

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Mammatus Cloud - Hypothesized Formation Mechanisms
... The existence of many different types of mammatus clouds, each with distinct properties and occurring in distinct environments, has given rise to multiple hypothesized formation mechanisms, which are also ... is shared by all of the formation mechanisms hypothesized for mammatus clouds sharp gradients in temperature, moisture and momentum (wind shear) across the anvil cloud/sub-cloud ... with its shortcomings The anvil of a cumulonimbus cloud gradually subsides as it spreads out from its source cloud ...
Cloud Base - Weather and Climate Relevance
... In well-defined air masses, many (or even most) clouds may have a similar cloud base because this variable is largely controlled by the thermodynamic properties of that air mass ... This is not the case for the cloud tops, which can vary widely from cloud to cloud, as the depth of the cloud is determined by the strength of local ... Clouds greatly affect the transfer of radiation in the atmosphere ...
Cumulus - Description
... The liquid water density within a cumulus cloud has been found to change with height above the cloud base rather than being approximately constant throughout the cloud ... At the cloud base, the concentration was 0 grams of liquid water per kilogram of air ... rapidly increased to the maximum concentration near the middle of the cloud ...

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