CHS may refer to:

  • Canadian Hemophilia Society, an organization in Canada representing people with inherited bleeding disorders, their friends and their families
  • Canadian Hydrographic Service
  • Center for Hellenic Studies, a research institute for classics affiliated with Harvard University
  • Chalcone synthase, an enzyme associated with the production of chalcones in plants
  • Charleston International Airport, Charleston, South Carolina, IATA airport code
  • Cheshire, the Chapman code for that county in England
  • Chungah, an obsolete unit of volume used in India
  • CHS Inc., a United States energy and agricultural cooperative
  • College Historical Society, The World's Oldest Student Society, based in Trinity College, Dublin
  • Colorado Historical Society (aka History Colorado), the historical society of the US State of Colorado
  • House Committee on Homeland Security
  • Community Health Systems, Inc., a company that runs hospitals in the United States
  • Contact Handling System, a software package used by the Metropolitan Police Service
  • Connecticut Historical Society, the historical society of the US State of Connecticut
  • Cylinder-head-sector, a method for addressing data on magnetic disks

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... Patients with Chediak-Higashi syndrome (CHS1 MIM 214500) suffer from a systemic immunodeficiency involving defects in polarized trafficking of vesicles in a number of immune system cell types ... In mouse, this syndrome is reproduced in strains with a mutation in the 'beige' gene that results in proteins lacking the BEACH (beige and CHS1) domain and C-terminal WD repeats ...
Cherryville High School Education Foundation
... cutbacks in funding from the state and county resources, in November 2010, a small group of CHS alumni and friends of the school established a non-profit organization to support academic excellence at ... Fifteen board members, predominately CHS alumni with a broad range of experience, professionally manage the Foundation ...
Connecticut Historical Society
... The Connecticut Historical Society (CHS) is the official state historical society of Connecticut ... Established in Hartford in 1825, the CHS is one of the oldest historical societies in the nation ... The CHS houses a research center containing 270,000 artifacts and graphics and over 100,000 books and pamphlets ...
CHS Capital - History
... Since its inception in 1988, CHS Capital has raised a total of $2.9 billion in capital across five private equity funds 1989 – CHS Fund I - $82.5 million 1994 – CHS Fund II - $155 million 1997 ... In February, 2013, CHS Capital announced that it would wind down ...
... Cylinder-head-sector, also known as CHS, was an early method for giving addresses to each physical block of data on a hard disk drive ... Though CHS values no longer have a direct physical relationship to the data stored on disks, virtual CHS values (which can be translated by disk electronics or software) are still being used by many utility ...