Chronic Wounds

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Chronic Wound - Treatment - Treating Trauma and Painful Wounds
... Persistent chronic pain associated with non-healing wounds is caused by tissue (nociceptive) or nerve (neuropathic) damage and is influenced by dressing changes and chronic inflammation ... Chronic wounds take a long time to heal and patients can suffer from chronic wounds for many years ... Chronic wound healing may be compromised by coexisting underlying conditions, such as venous valve backflow, peripheral vascular disease ...
Chronic Wound - Pathophysiology
... Chronic wounds may affect only the epidermis and dermis, or they may affect tissues all the way to the fascia ... The reason a wound becomes chronic is that the body’s ability to deal with the damage is overwhelmed by factors such as repeated trauma, continued pressure, ischemia, or illness ... much progress has been accomplished in the study of chronic wounds lately, advances in the study of their healing have lagged behind expectations ...
Chronic Wound - Pathophysiology - Growth Factors and Proteolytic Enzymes
... Chronic wounds also differ in makeup from acute wounds in that their levels of proteolytic enzymes such as elastase ... growth factors (GFs) are imperative in timely wound healing, inadequate GF levels may be an important factor in chronic wound formation ... In chronic wounds, the formation and release of growth factors may be prevented, the factors may be sequestered and unable to perform their metabolic roles, or ...
Chronic Wound
... A chronic wound is a wound that does not heal in an orderly set of stages and in a predictable amount of time the way most wounds do wounds that do not heal within three months are often considered ... Chronic wounds seem to be detained in one or more of the phases of wound healing ... For example, chronic wounds often remain in the inflammatory stage for too long ...
Chronic Wound - Treatment - Growth Factors and Hormones
... Since chronic wounds underexpress growth factors necessary for healing tissue, chronic wound healing may be speeded by replacing or stimulating those factors ... One way to increase growth factor concentrations in wounds is to apply the growth factors directly, though this takes many repetitions and requires large amounts of the factors ... Another way is to spread onto the wound a gel of the patient’s own blood platelets, which then secrete growth factors such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF ...

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