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Kingdom Of Norway (1814-1905) - 1814 - A Short War With Two Winners
... Christian Frederik ordered a retreat to the river Glomma ... On 3 August Christian Frederik announced his political will in a cabinet meeting in Moss ... The day after, Christian Frederik expressed himself in favour of the terms, allowing Swedish troops to remain in positions east of Glomma ...
Norwegian Constituent Assembly - Background
... The vice-roy and heir presumptive of Denmark-Norway, Christian Frederik, took the lead in an insurrection and called a Constitutional Assembly at Eidsvoll ... On the same day, Christian Frederik was elected King of Norway ... King Christian Frederik was forced to abdicate, but Norway remained nominally independent and kept its Constitution with only such amendments as were required to allow it to enter into a loose personal union ...
Convention Of Moss
... The vice-roy and heir to the thrones of Denmark and Norway, prince Christian Frederik, was elected by the assembly as king ... In the peace negotiations, Christian Frederik agreed to relinquish claims to the Norwegian crown and return to Denmark if Sweden would accept the democratic Norwegian constitution and a loose ... The Swedes did not recognize Christian Frederik's claim to the Norwegian throne, so he was not officially a party to the agreement, which was negotiated and signed by two of his ministers, Niels Aall ...
Kingdom Of Norway (1814-1905) - 1814 - The Constitutional Convention
... benches, the convention elected its officers in the presence of Christian Frederik on 11 April, before the debates began the next day ... With Christian Frederik as regent, the relationship with Denmark would be negotiated within the context of Norwegian independence ... right to self-determination articulated by Christian Magnus Falsen and Gunder Adler had been established as foundational for the constitution ...

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