Chola Military

The Chola military was a well organised and effective fighting force during medieval times. The imperial Cholas of the Vijayalaya dynasty who ruled parts of South India and Lanka between the tenth and the thirteenth centuries CE were dependent on their army and the navy to Expand and maintain order in their vast empire.

The King & in later days Emperor was the head of the army and the navy.

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Chola Military - Navy
... The Chola Navy comprised the naval forces of the Chola Empire along with several other Naval-arms of the country ... The Chola navy played a vital role in the expansion of the Chola Empire, including the conquest of the Ceylon islands and Sri Vijaya (present day Indonesia), the spread of Hinduism, Dravidian ... Rajendra Chola's naval victories in Srivijaya were a culmination of centuries of naval tradition ...

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