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Canadian Nationality Law - 2009 Amendments To The Citizenship Act
... Individuals born outside of Canada can now become Canadian citizens by descent if one of their parents is a citizen of Canada either by having been born in Canada or by ... citizenship by descent to one generation born outside Canada ... the ability to acquire citizenship for the second generation born abroad." The new rules would not confer a Canadian citizenship on children born outside of Canada to parents who were themselves ...
Miraculous Births - Greco-Roman and Hellenistic Mythology - Heroes and Historical Figures
... Plutarch records how Theseus and Romulus were both born out of wedlock and of uncertain parentage and at the same time had the reputation of being sprung from the gods ... Pittheus invented the story that Theseus was the child of Neptune to conceal Theseus' lineage as the son of Pittheus' daughter Aethra and Aegeus ("Lives", Vol ... seek not to beget children against the will of heaven for if thou beget a son, that child will slay thee, and all thy house shall wade in blood." Laius ignored the warning, but after the child was born he ...
History Of Women In The United States - 1600–1700
... "little wanton" or possibly "the naughty one" or "spoiled child"), was born about 1600 to the Native American chief Powhatan ... Powhatan had numerous wives (each wife gave him a single child and then was sent back to her village to be supported by the paramount chief until she found ... the Powhatans, and in 1615 Matoaka gave birth to her first child, Thomas ...
History Of Canadian Nationality Law - Canadian Citizenship Act, 1946 - Acquisition and Loss of Citizenship Under The Act
... subsequent naturalization registration of a child born outside Canada to a Canadian "responsible parent" (being the father, if the child was born in wedlock, or the mother, if the child was born out ... Similarly children born in Canada to non-Canadian parents were not under any obligation to renounce a foreign citizenship they had acquired by descent ...
Swedish Nationality Law - Birth
... A child acquires Swedish citizenship at birth if the child's mother is a Swedish citizen (Swedish mothers have only been able to pass on their citizenship since 1 ... For example, a child born to a Swedish father and a non-Swedish mother will not be Swedish if either its parents are not married to each other or if they were not married ...

Famous quotes containing the words born and/or child:

    Poor John Field!—I trust he does not read this, unless he will improve by it,—thinking to live by some derivative old-country mode in this primitive new country.... With his horizon all his own, yet he a poor man, born to be poor, with his inherited Irish poverty or poor life, his Adam’s grandmother and boggy ways, not to rise in this world, he nor his posterity, till their wading webbed bog-trotting feet get talaria to their heels.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Nobody is glad in the gladness of another, and our system is one of war, of an injurious superiority. Every child of the Saxon race is educated to wish to be first. It is our system; and a man comes to measure his greatness by the regrets, envies, and hatreds of his competitors.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)