CHH may refer to:

  • Hainan Airlines
  • Cabell Huntington Hospital
  • Cartilage-hair hypoplasia
  • Cheswick and Harmar Railroad
  • Choi Hung Station, Hong Kong; MTR station code CHH
  • chh, a trigraph used in romanizations of Indic languages

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... The Chhōṭā Ghallūghārā (Punjabi ਛੋਟਾ ਘੱਲੂਘਾਰਾ ) was a massacre of a significant proportion of the Sikh population by Muslims during the waning years of the Mughal ... Chhōṭā Ghallūghārā is Punjabi for "Lesser Massacre" ... The first Chhōṭā Ghallūghārā was a dramatic and bloody massacre during the campaign of Afghanistan's (Durrani Empire) provincial government based at Lahore to wipe out the Sikhs, an offensive ...
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