Checker may refer to:

  • Checker Motors Corporation, an automotive industry subcontractor that was once the builder of the Checker taxicab and the Superba and Marathon automobiles
  • Checker Taxi, a livery company (taxi service) founded by Morris Markin, that used Checker Taxi Cabs
  • Checker Records, a record label
  • the action that produces checkering, a surface applied to wooden gunstocks to provide a non-slip grip (see Gunsmith)
  • Chubby Checker, an American singer-songwriter best known for popularising "The Twist"

Other articles related to "checker":

Checker Book Publishing Group
... Checker Book Publishing Group was an independent publisher of comics reprints, from newspaper strips to modern out-of-print titles and collections from defunct publishers ... However, as of 2012, Checker BPG itself seems to be defunct ...
Checker Aerobus
... The Checker Aerobus is a seven- (including the tailgate) or nine-door station wagon, or a six- or eight-door sedan, manufactured on two different wheelbases by ... as an airport shuttle, as indicated by the name, it is an extended version of the iconic Checker Marathon ... model year, the Aerobus used Chrysler V8s, but when Checker Motors shifted from Continental to Chevrolet engines for 1965 the Aerobus line followed suit ...
Checker Sedan
... Checker Sedan was founded in March 2000, as a luxury service division of Checker Cab in Detroit, Michigan ... Checker Sedan is a chauffeur-driven licensed luxury sedan company in Metropolitan Detroit, owned by Soave Enterprises and Tony Soave ... The Checker Sedan fleet consists of current model Cadillac’s and Lincoln’s and also has vans available ...
Checker Book Publishing Group - Published Works - Newspaper Strips - Flash Gordon
... Similar problems have been encountered with Checker's reprints of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon Sunday strips ... Badman's review of the first three volumes praised Checker's decision to reprint in "rather large-sized hardcovers (unlike their microscopic reprints of Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon) on glossy paper" ... and often off register." He does not blame Checker, although his assumption that "finding originals or cleaning up the art would be extensive and costly", - and therefore did not occur - seems ...