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Types of Macroeconomic Models - Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models - DSGE Versus CGE Models
... methodology that pre-dates DSGE modeling is computable general equilibrium (CGE) modeling ... Like DSGE models, CGE models are often microfounded on assumptions about preferences, technology, and budget constraints ... However, CGE models focus mostly on long-run relationships, making them most suited to studying the long-run impact of permanent policies like the tax system or the openness of the economy to international ...
Computable General Equilibrium - Overview
... A CGE model consists of (a) equations describing model variables and (b) a database (usually very detailed) consistent with the model equations ... However, most CGE models conform only loosely to the theoretical general equilibrium paradigm ... range of taxes externalities, such as pollution A CGE model database consists of tables of transaction values, showing, for example, the value of coal used by ...
Economic Model - Pitfalls - Restrictive, Unrealistic Assumptions
... theory" or "neoclassical paradigm"), and those assumptions are inherited by simplified models for that theory ... Any model based on a flawed theory, cannot transcend the limitations of that theory.) Joseph Stiglitz' 2001 Nobel Prize lecture reviews his work on Information Asymmetries, which contrasts with the ... Stiglitz surveys many aspects of these faulty standard models, and the faulty policy implications and recommendations that arise from their unrealistic assumptions ...

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