CFL may refer to the following:

In education:

  • College of Foreign Languages, a college of Vietnam National University, Hanoi

In linguistics:

  • Commission on the Filipino Language, the official regulating body of the Filipino language
  • Context-free language, a formal language that is a member of the set of languages defined by context-free grammars

In politics:

  • Campaign for Liberty, an organization founded by United States Congressman Ron Paul
  • Connecticut for Lieberman, the Connecticut political party created by twenty-five supporters of United States Senator Joe Lieberman
  • Council of Four Lands, the central body of Jewish authority in Poland from 1580 to 1764

In science and technology:

  • Color-flavor locking, a special type of color superconductivity that is predicted to occur in very dense matter
  • Compact fluorescent lamp/light, a type of fluorescent lamp that fits into a standard light bulb socket or plugs into a small lighting fixture
  • Compressed File Library, a virtual file system for programs
  • Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy condition, a condition for convergence while solving partial differential equations

In sports:

  • Canadian Football League, a professional sports league located in Canada that plays Canadian football
  • Calcutta Football League, the football league where several football clubs of the Indian city of Kolkata participate
  • Cheshire Football League, an English football league
  • Continental Football League, an American football league played in North America from 1965 through 1969
  • Central Football League, A football league in Scotland in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Montenegrin First League (Crnogorska Fudbalska Liga), the main football competition in Montenegro
  • Česká fotbalová liga the Czech football league

In trade unionism:

  • Ceylon Federation of Labour, an organisation bringing together trade unions in the private, semi-government and co-operative sectors of Sri Lanka
  • Chicago Federation of Labor, the central labor body for over 300 Chicago area unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO
  • Chinese Federation of Labour, a national trade union center in Taiwan

In transportation:

  • Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois, the national railway company of Luxembourg
  • Caminhos de Ferro de Luanda, railway in Angola
  • Chemin de fer Lanaudière

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