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CCTV - Uses - Prevalence
... An article published in CCTV Image magazine estimates that the number of cameras in the UK is 1.85 million ... from a comprehensive survey of public and private cameras within the Cheshire Constabulary jurisdiction ... This works out as an average of one camera for every 32 people in the UK, although the density of cameras varies greatly from place to place ...
CCTV - Privacy
... Opponents of CCTV point out the loss of privacy of the people under surveillance, and the negative impact of surveillance on civil liberties ... Furthermore, they argue that CCTV displaces crime, rather than reducing it ... Critics often dub CCTV as "Big Brother surveillance", a reference to George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, which featured a two-way telescreen in every home through which The ...
City Rail A Set - Design
... The trains include external CCTV cameras to assist guards ... Inside, the train includes additional Emergency Help Points and CCTV cameras ... was awarded the contract to install the train's extensive system of 98 CCTV cameras, which are linked together with Power over Ethernet and utilise Progressive scanning technology to allow ...

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    Guns have metamorphosed into cameras in this earnest comedy, the ecology safari, because nature has ceased to be what it always had been—what people needed protection from. Now nature tamed, endangered, mortal—needs to be protected from people.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)