Cave Salamander

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... Speleomantes is a genus of salamanders in the Plethodontidae family it is endemic to Italy and a few close areas (San Marino, Monaco, and eastern ... the following species Strinati's cave salamander (S ... strinatii) Sarrabus' cave salamander (S ...
Gyrinophilus Palleucus Necturoides
... The Big Mouth Cave salamander (Gyrinophilus palleucus necturoides), a lungless salamander, is a subspecies of the Tennessee cave salamander (Gyrinophilus palleucus) ... The Big Mouth Cave salamander lives in Big Mouth Cave and other caves in the Elk River drainage basin in Grundy County and Coffee County, Tennessee ... The salamander was first described by Lazell and Brandon in 1962 ...
Sardinia - Environment - Fauna
... found only on the island, are the Sardinian brook salamander, the Brown Cave Salamander, the Imperial Cave Salamander, the Monte Albo Cave Salamander, the Supramonte Cave Salamander and the Sarrabus Cave Salamander (Spel ...

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