Carl Lundström

Carl Lundström

Carl Ulf Sture Lundström (born 13 April 1960, Filipstad, Sweden) is a Swedish businessman.

Carl Lundström is the son of Ulf Lundström and the grandson of Karl Edvard Lundström, founder of the world's largest crisp bread producer Wasabröd. When his father Ulf Lundström died in 1973, Carl Lundström was one of five heirs to Wasabröd. In 1982 Wasabröd was sold to the Swiss pharmaceutical company Sandoz. Lundström has founded and financed a number of companies, notably Swedish telecom, internet and co-location provider Rix Telecom.

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... In 2003-2005, Lundströms company Rix Telecom provided services and equipment to torrent tracker The Pirate Bay ... Lundström was one of the four defendants in The Pirate Bay trial charged with "accessory to breaching copyright law" ...

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