Capital Invested

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Prices Of Production
... goods would have to sell, in order to reach the normal, average profit rate on the capital invested into producing them ... of a production process and a circulation process involving commodities, money and capital ... in fairly sophisticated market relations enabling a sum of capital invested into it to be transformed into a larger sum of capital ...
Organic Composition Of Capital
... The organic composition of capital (OCC) is a concept created by Karl Marx in his critique of political economy and used in Marxian economics as a theoretical alternative to neo-classical concepts ... It is normally defined as the ratio of constant capital (capital invested in plant, equipment and materials) to variable capital (capital invested in the labour-costs ... The concept does not apply to all capital assets, only to capital invested in production (i.e ...
Boyer V. Boyer - Ruling - Construction of The Act
... that act That the words "at a greater rate than is assessed upon other moneyed capital in the hands of individual citizens" refer to the entire process ... to tax the latter at a greater rate than other moneyed capital ... the intention of Congress not to permit any substantial discrimination in favor of moneyed capital in the hands of individual citizens as against capital invested ...
Prices Of Production - Simple Definition
... cost price (cp) + average profit of capital invested in production (ap) ... to sell in order to reach the average profit rate on capital invested into producing them ... the same magnitude relative to the amount of capital invested in all sectors, seemingly representing an equilibrium of flows of capital between different parts of a ...
Boyer V. Boyer - Ruling - Act of June 10, 1881
... loans or stocks except those issued by that state or the United States, money loaned or invested in any other state, and all other moneyed capital in the hands ... latter date, or has been since, imposed upon other moneyed capital in the hands of individual citizens of the state, leaves such shares subject to taxation as provided in the act of 1844 ... the allegations of the latter, no means of determining the value of the capital thus exempted from the county taxation which is imposed upon capital invested in national bank shares ...

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    Children are intensely invested in getting their way. They will devote more emotional and intellectual energy to winning arguments than parents ever will, and are almost always better rested.
    Jean Callahan (20th century)

    Had I made capital on my prettiness, I should have closed the doors of public employment to women for many a year, by the very means which now makes them weak, underpaid competitors in the great workshop of the world.
    Jane Grey Swisshelm (1815–1884)