Capacitance Values

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Application Classes For Ceramic Capacitors - Classes, Disambiguation
... Very stable and linear behavior of capacitance values within a specified temperature range and low losses at high frequencies are the result of using mixtures of paraelectric substances based ... have a relatively low permittivity so that the capacitance values of these capacitors are relatively small ... Higher capacitance values for ceramic capacitors can be attained by using mixtures of ferroelectric materials like barium titanate together with specific oxides ...
Ceramic Capacitor - History
... dioxide as a dielectric had a linear temperature dependence of the capacitance for temperature compensation of resonant circuits and were produced in small quantities around 1926 ... But this dielectric had relatively low permittivity so that only smaller capacitance values could be realized ... The higher permittivity resulted in much higher capacitance values, but this was coupled with some unstable electrical parameters ...

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