Camp Rhino

Coordinates: 30°29′12″N 064°31′32″E / 30.48667°N 64.52556°E / 30.48667; 64.52556

Forward operating base (FOB) Rhino, also known as Camp Rhino, was the first US land base established in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. It was located in the Registan Desert, 100 nautical miles (190 km) southwest of Kandahar.

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SEAL Team 10 - History - Afghanistan - Invasion
... aftermath of the 11 September attacks, Navy SEALs quickly dispatched to Camp Doha, and those already aboard US Naval vessels in the Persian Gulf and surrounding ... to conduct the SR of what would become Camp Rhino, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) ... The SR mission in the region of Camp Rhino lasted for four days, after which two United States Air Force Combat Control Teams made a nighttime HALO jump to assist the SEALs in guiding in ...
John Walker Lindh - Capture and Interrogation
... diverted an irrigation stream into the middle of the camp in an attempt to flush the remaining prisoners out of their underground shelters, drowning many in the process ... questioned for a week at Mazār-e Sharīf, before being taken to Camp Rhino on December 7, 2001, the bullet still within his thigh ... When Lindh arrived at Camp Rhino he was stripped and he was restrained to a stretcher, blindfolded and placed in a metal shipping container, which was procedure for dealing with a potentially ...
Camp Rhino - Strategic Importance
... Camp Rhino was the US-led coalition's first strategic foothold in Afghanistan and made the ground war in Afghanistan possible ... While Rhino was being established, fierce battles between Taliban and Northern Alliance troops were still underway near Kandahar ... Supported by the USMC 26th MEU, the coalition forces based at Rhino then moved up to capture the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar International Airport in mid-Decemb ...
Joseph R. Chenelly - Military Career - Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
... Ocean to establish a forward operating base, dubbed Camp Rhino, in southern Afghanistan ... Camp Rhino was the United States' first base in Afghanistan and was used to launch several follow-on operations, including route interdictions outside of Kandahar ... Chenelly documented the initial seizing of Camp Rhino, which was a desert outpost believed to have been built for use as a drug distribution hub ...

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