Buyeo can mean:

  • Buyeo kingdom, a kingdom located in today's North Korea and southern Manchuria from around the 2nd century BC to 494 AD
  • Buyeo County, a county in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea, and one-time capital of the ancient kingdom of Baekje
  • Buyeo languages, a hypothetical language family which includes the languages of Baekje and Goguryeo, the Japonic languages, and possibly Korean as well
    • Buyeo language, the language of the Buyeo kingdom

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Buyeo Kingdom - History - Jolbon Buyeo
... Many ancient historical records indicate the "Jolbon Buyeo" (卒本夫餘, 졸본부여), apparently referring to the incipient Goguryeo or its capital city ... Jumong went on to conquer Okjeo, Dongye, and Haengin, regaining some of Buyeo and former territory of Gojoseon ...
List Of Provinces Of Balhae - Table of Provinces
... Jingyu (靖宇县) 하주(瑕州) 하주(河州) Buyeo 부여 夫餘 夫餘府 부여부 Buyeo Fuyu 扶州 부주 Buju Fuzhou Kaiyuan ...
Goguryeo People - Language
... Some linguists propose the so-called "Buyeo languages" family that includes the languages of Buyeo, Goguryeo, Baekje ... records also suggest that the languages of Goguryeo, Buyeo, East Okjeo, and Gojoseon were similar, while Goguryeo language differed from that of Malgal (Mohe) ...
Hae Mo-su Of Buyeo
... Hae Moa su was the founder and 1st Dangun of Buyeo ... Goguryeo considered itself a successor to Buyeo and annexed Buyeo remnants in 494 ...