Bungo may refer to:

  • Bungo (Japanese language), the literary Japanese language
  • Bungo Province of ancient Japan
  • Bungo Channel in Japan, also known as "Bungo Strait" between the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku
  • Bungo, Angola, a town.
  • Bungo Regency, a regency of Jambi
  • Bungo (fruit), a local fruit from Tanzania.
  • Bungo Baggins, father of Bilbo Baggins in J.R.R. Tokien's Middle-earth universe
  • A Womble named after the Japanese province.
  • A dugout (boat) used in Central America and the Southern United States
  • Bungo (Philippines) means skull in Filipino
  • JDS Bungo, a ship of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force

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... The Bungo Channel (豊後水道, Bungo-suidō?) is a strait separating the Japanese islands of Kyūshū and Shikoku ... In the English-speaking world, the Bungo Strait is most known for its role in the 1958 World War II submarine film Run Silent, Run Deep based upon best-selling 1955 novel by then-Commander ...
Bungo Yoshida
... Bungo Yoshida Yoshida Bungo (吉田 文吾?) (May 3, 1934 – January 16, 2008) was a Japanese puppeteer, who built a whole new audience for the traditional puppetering form of ...
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... Bungo Takano (高野 文吾 Takano Bungo) A high school student and one of Komori's associates ... Though a member of his high school's track team, Bungo often skips practice to spend time with Satomi, whom he still has strong feelings for despite an apparent past break-up ... his dragon gets sucked into Shunji Tamai's jet turbine and is crushed Bungo himself collapses in Satomi's arms and dies soon afterwards, after experiencing extreme pain ...
Bungo Tsuda
... Bungo Tsuda (津田 文吾, Tsuda Bungo?, 1918 – November 8, 2007) was a Japanese politician ...