Broomistega is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibian in the family Rhinesuchidae. It is known from one species, Broomistega putterilli, which was named in 2000. Fossils are known from the Early Triassic Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zone of the Beaufort Group in the Karoo Basin of present-day South Africa, a region that had been an enclave of Gondwana. Specimens of B. putterilli were once thought to represent young individuals of another larger rhinesuchid such as Uranocentrodon, but the species is now regarded as a paedomorphic taxon, possessing the features of juvenile rhinesuchids into adulthood.

In 2013, a well preserved skeleton of Broomistega was discovered alongside the skeleton of the cynodont Thrinaxodon (a mammal relative) in a cast of a burrow. The individual most likely entered the burrow while the cynodont was in a state of aestivation (dormancy), and afterwards a flash flood filled the burrow with sediment to preserve both bodies together.

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... The most complete skeleton of Broomistega, specimen BP/1/7200, was discovered in the sandstone cast of a burrow (BP/1/5558) after the cast was scanned at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ... Only after the synchrotron scanning was the Broomistega skeleton found ... Broomistega is not thought to have been a burrowing animal and was instead semi-aquatic ...